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Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes! Teeth whitening is perfectly safe for healthy patients. This is one of the reasons that professional teeth whitening is so much more effective than those products available in shops. If you have an underlying dental condition, Dr Angela Zhang will detect it during your evaluation and recommend a treatment option to solve the problem.

We provide teeth whitening treatment in our Sydney dental clinic to eliminate years of stains caused by the foods and beverages that leave colour deposits on teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most affordable cosmetic treatment options available. You can look forward to seeing dramatic results within a few treatments and achieving your ideal shade in a few weeks.

  1. We begin by taking impressions of teeth.
  2. Then we create moulds of the teeth.
  3. Our team fabricates custom whitening trays.
  4. We provide plenty of whitening gel to complete your treatment.
  5. You will receive instruction to use your at-home whitening kit.
  6. Touch-up your teeth by keeping your whitening trays for future use.
  7. Purchase touch-up whitening gel in our Sydney dental surgery.

Our patients love their results. We welcome you to book an appointment to go over your teeth whitening options, or you can ask at your next cleaning appointment. Right after a clean is the best time to get started.