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Our dental practice looks a bit deceiving from the outside. Our family-friendly dental clinic is warm and welcoming and also features the latest in modern technology. 

Dr Angela Zhang is passionate about staying on the leading edge of the dental field and uses the finest materials, newest techniques and proven technological equipment to provide our patients with world-class dentistry right here in Haymarket.

iTero 3-D Scanner

At Aglow Dental Group, we use the Intero 3-D scanner for greater accuracy and comfort when placing dental implants, eliminating the need for stitches. 

Our scanner also creates smile designs in as little as 15 minutes for patients who want to see a what their future smile will look like before we begin treatment. For more information on Invisalign click here. 

Digital Dental X-Rays and Sensors

Patient safety is an essential part of our practice philosophy, which is why Dr Zhang has invested in digital x-rays and sensors for our Sydney dental practice. Digital dental x-rays expose patients with up to 80 per cent less radiation and are far safer for the environment because they eliminate the need for darkroom chemicals.

Digital dental x-rays, as with digital photographs, can be altered on-screen to improve exposure, increase contrast and create highlights, making it possible for Dr Zhang to diagnose dental decay and other conditions earlier than ever before.

We store digital dental x-rays in your digital chart for comparison over time. This is particularly useful when monitoring oral conditions or bone levels.

Panoramic X-Rays

Rather than taking an image of a single tooth with an x-ray, panoramic x-rays take a picture of all of the teeth at once, capturing vital information about bone levels, sinus cavity locations and wisdom teeth development.

Intraoral Camera

When explaining procedures to patients, intraoral cameras make it possible for Dr Zhang to show patients exactly what she sees during her exam. Intraoral cameras take high-resolution photos that immediately appear on our treatment room monitors.

This helps patients to make more informed decisions regarding their oral health.

Morita Dental Treatment Units

We are proud to feature world-class Morita treatment units provided for superior patient comfort. 

Rotary Endodontics

Until the development of rotary endodontics, handheld files cleaned infection from the canals inside teeth, which was a bit time-consuming. Rotary endodontic instruments are electric devices with titanium tips that complete the process in a fraction of the time.

Prognoses for our patients improve because of the accuracy of rotary root canal instruments, and our patients spend less overall time in the chair – something they really appreciate.

Televisions in Rooms

In today’s busy culture, stealing a few minutes to yourself can be a rare treat. We have televisions in our treatment rooms for patients to enjoy their favourite programme or show while we complete their procedure. Televisions in our treatment rooms help our patients pass the time and relax.

Digital Records

We store private patient information securely on our servers. Digital records make dental charting more accurate and track periodontal conditions automatically to alert us of any changes that require professional attention.

Air Flow Dental Spa

我们是颠覆传统, 改变规则者 来自于瑞士的原研产品,瑞士顶尖技术,EMS新牙周机王Air- Flow Master Piezo 牙周无痛治疗+龈上龈下喷砂系统-顶尖外观设计,瑞士精工制造, 出色临床表现源自于这么多年以来对品质的坚持️️作为全City 独一无二GBT瑞式洁治认证诊所,成为充满激情的牙科专业人员之一 张医生以最高的标准提供牙科预防性治疗,在基于证据的GBT菌斑控制治疗方案的支持下,让病人收益于大量的独家服务。建立在针对每位患者的牙周探诊和风险评估的基础上,以确保给予每位患者最佳的治疗并取得最好的疗效。治疗建立在最安全、最微创、最舒适的基础上,为您提供口腔洁治新时尚,GBT治疗专属空间。 GBT以菌斑控制为导向治疗是成功的保障

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