Tooth Extractions

At Aglow Dental Group, Dr Angela Zhang aims to save natural teeth whenever possible as it is the most conservative approach to dentistry. In addition to leaving a gap in the smile, tooth loss leads to the deterioration of the underlying bone and can ultimately cause more tooth loss due to destabilising their foundation.

Why We Extract Teeth

In many cases, we can preserve a broken or infected tooth with root canal treatment or the proper dental restoration, such as a crown, filling or onlay. In some cases, though, removing a troubled tooth is the only way to protect your oral health.

Here are some situations that require extraction:

  • A tooth broken at or too near the gumline for a crown
  • Deep infection or decay that will not respond to root canal therapy
  • Symptomatic wisdom teeth
  • Teeth that are painful even after treatment
  • Orthodontic extractions due to overcrowding

Dr Zhang never takes the recommendation for extraction lightly and will always present other alternatives if they exist.

For Complex Procedures – Experience Matters 

Because Dr Zhang has experience performing hundreds of dental extractions and we use the latest technology, including digital dental x-rays, our Sydney dental clinic features dental extractions with few complications and minimal discomfort.

Having a tooth extracted can be a traumatic experience. We care deeply for our patients’ well-being and will provide expert guidance and advise on healing throughout the process.

Why We Extract Wisdom Teeth 

With the modern diet, human jaws have gotten smaller over time. This results in inadequate space for large third molars (wisdom teeth) to erupt correctly, which causes them to grow in at angles or to press on the root structure of adjacent teeth. Often, they will not fully erupt through gums because they are impacted – angled or crowded.

Wisdom teeth are also tricky to keep clean due to their location at the very back of the mouth, leading to an increase in both periodontal disease and decay in third molars.

We evaluate older teens and young adults to prevent problems such as infection and overcrowding as well as the pain associated with wisdom teeth.

Replacing Missing Teeth

In most cases and with the exception of wisdom teeth, Dr Zhang recommends a dental implant, dental bridge or partial denture to replace the missing tooth. These treatments keep the adjacent teeth from shifting and causing malocclusion – a misaligned bite.

For patients facing full-mouth extractions, a complete denture will improve the facial structure and improve dietary choices.

Do You Have a Painful Tooth?

We invite you to get in touch with our Sydney dental surgery to book an evaluation. Dr Zhang can determine if a dental extraction will resolve the problem or if she can save the tooth with modern dental treatments.

Our Chinatown dental clinic welcomes many Sydney professionals and international students seeking world-class dentistry in a friendly neighbourhood setting.