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Aglow Dental Group provides all of the services your family needs to have a healthy smile - from preventive dental check-ups and cleans to the latest in diagnostic imaging.

Our world-class dentists also provide leading-edge cosmetic dentistry procedures including clear braces, teeth whitening and veneers for a smile that encourages confident communication and expression.

For patients who have anxiety when it comes to dentistry, our gentle and compassionate dentists will put your mind at ease and make sure you leave our clinic with your smile all 'aglow.'

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Our Practice Philosophy
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  • Our practice strives to provide our patients with the highest quality dental care available.
    - Dr Angela Zhang
  • Our team's passion for dentistry shows, and we thrive when our patients thrive.
    - Dr Angela Zhang
  • We love seeing our patients smile when they achieve optimum oral health.
    - Aglow Dental Group
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Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Aglow Dental Group, the privately owned dental practice of Dr Angela Zhang. Our team is dedicated to providing the latest technology and gentle, professional patient care for the Haymarket and Sydney communities.

Our entire team looks forward to welcoming you.

High-Tech Dentistry with a Gentle Touch

The surgery features the latest technology with the aim to provide leading-edge dentistry for the patients we serve. From  world-class Morita dental units to digital impressions, each detail of our dental surgery is designed with our patients in mind. 

Our practice features ultra-safe digital dental x-rays, and our intraoral cameras take high-resolution images for patients to review with their dentist. We can show our patients exactly what we see during an exam. 

We never let technology replace the personal touch of looking after the families in our community. You will find our entire team is personable and respectful of our patients. Our favourite aspects of dentistry are the friendly chats with patients we treat over the years. 

We believe that pain-free dentistry and a positive experience is possible, even for our nervous patients.

Our Commitment to Excellence

As an excellent student of dentistry, Dr Zhang’s passion for the dental field and the latest developments grew. She regularly attends continuing education courses to improve her skills and knowledge. 

Our passion for providing the best possible dentistry is apparent. We communicate effectively with patients in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese, and Turkish, helping each patient make the most informed decision regarding their oral health and smile. 

We never promote one type of treatment over another. Instead, Dr Zhang educates our patients about their oral conditions and every treatment option along with its benefits and limitations, trusting that our patients will make the choice that works best for their smiles.

All of the Dentistry Your Family Needs

At Aglow Dental Group, we provide most of the dental services that families need in a single location and even offer expanded services including root canals, extractions and clear braces. One of the treatment procedures Dr Zhang enjoys most is helping patients get their smiles back with dental implants.

We care for entire families, providing the highest quality dentistry for children, teens, adults and senior patients through prevention and reliable restorative dentistry that promotes happy healthy smiles.

Dr Zhang’s passion for restorative and cosmetic dentistry gives patients the smiles they have always wanted with natural-looking results that look like you were born that way – only better.

We Welcome New Patients

You are invited to contact us to arrange your next dental appointment. We believe you will feel pleased with the highly personalised patient care you receive and leave with your smile all ‘aglow.’


您好,欢迎加入Aglow牙医诊所的线上咨询。Aglow 牙医诊所位于繁华的悉尼市CBD, 环境优美,交通便利。诊所在Chinatown建德大厦519(Sussex Centre 519),5分钟步行即到Townhall Station, 情人港,UTS等周边高校。


我们的医生均毕业于顶级大学,拥有多年丰富经验,特别是隐形矫正,张医生自己2016年获得了隐形矫正官方认证的金牌牙医资格, 更是在2019年获得了隐适美白金Platinum认证。 同时我们的诊所提供数码种牙,无痛,安全。张医生在德国法兰克福进修种牙硕士课程,所有牙医拥有牙体种植专业资质。


地址:Sussex Centre 519, Sussex Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000 ( 在Sussex街建德大厦进门右手看到直梯按5)

电话️:(02)9281 4217
微信: AglowDental
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