Tooth-Coloured Fillings

One of the most common oral conditions in both adults and children is dental decay. While prevention has reduced the risk of tooth loss due to decay, it still impacts nearly everyone at some time during their lives.

Dental Decay and Prevention

Bacteria reproduce rapidly and produce an acidic byproduct that softens enamel. The more fuel bacteria have to multiply, the higher the risk of developing dental caries (decay). Bacteria feed on sugar from the foods we eat. Sugar exists in many foods, some of which might be surprising. In addition to candy and soda, starchy foods and processed carbohydrates rapidly convert to sugar in the mouth.

At Aglow Dental Group, we provide preventive treatments in conjunction with demonstration of proper tooth brushing and flossing at home to prevent cavities in children, teens and adults.

Fluoride applications and fissure sealants provide additional protection for patients at a higher risk for decay.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Dental Cavities

Regular active maintenance appointments are essential to maintaining healthy teeth. Decay and other oral conditions often do not have any symptoms until they are well advanced and put the entire tooth in jeopardy.

Routine dental x-rays reveal decay in its earliest stages of development. When Dr Zhang diagnoses dental decay early, treatment is often less expensive and complicated.

When patients require a dental filling, Dr Zhang often recommends tooth-coloured fillings to repair the tooth and blend in with the smile.

Composite resin comes in a wide variety of shades to match any tooth. Advances in materials and techniques over the decades have resulted in tooth-coloured fillings that are durable and long-lasting.

After anaesthetising the tooth, Dr Zhang will remove all signs or decay and bacteria, leaving behind healthy tooth structure.

She will apply a bonding agent to the tooth and fill the cavity with composite resin, hardening it with a curing light. Dr Zhang will then polish the filling to blend in perfectly with the tooth.

Cosmetic Composite Bonding

In addition to filling cavities, composite bonding offers a conservative solution for chipped teeth, gaps between teeth and irregularly shaped teeth. 

Because little preparation is necessary and composite resin bonds directly to the tooth, dental bonding is a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry option that takes only a single visit to the dental surgery.

In some cases, composite bonded veneers help patients smile with confidence again.

We Welcome You to Get in Touch

For tooth-coloured fillings, bonding or composite veneers in the Sydney area, we invite you to contact our Haymarket dental office to arrange an exam. Dr Zhang is an experienced dentist who warmly welcomes new patients. She is well-known for her gentle chairside manner and personable approach to looking after our patients.