Aglow Dental Group

Why do I need a dental clean and check-up twice a year?

At Aglow Dental Group, Dr Angela Zhang has a particular interest in helping patients avoid pain and tooth extractions. The best way to stay out of trouble when it comes to your smile is with twice-yearly dental visits designed to identify dental conditions in the early stages before they cause permanent damage to bone health or the nerve of the tooth.

Our active maintenance programme includes twice-yearly dental check-ups and cleans along with diagnostic x-rays to keep a close eye on your oral health and the changes that occur over time.

Skipping just a few dental appointments can lead to trouble. An undetected tiny cavity can turn into deep decay that requires root canal therapy and a dental crown faster than you might first imagine. 

Periodontal disease can move into the bone supporting the tooth and permanently destroy the foundation that supports the tooth. At this point, dental extraction is the only option to stop the bone resorption.

Preventive dentistry is a small investment in time and money that can pay off dramatically over time. Dr Zhang designs each dental treatment plan based on the needs of each patient. Your oral health routine may require some adjustment over time – during pregnancy or during senior years.

We look forward to partnering with you in oral health.