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How do I know if I am having a dental emergency?

Anytime you experience toothache, a broken tooth or a sudden change in your oral health, it is a good idea to give your Sydney emergency dentist a call to have your condition looked at.

Dental emergencies generally only cause pain once they are advanced and involve the nerve. It this point, it becomes a matter of trying to save, rather than extract, the tooth. A broken or avulsed (knocked out) tooth can sometimes be saved, but acting fast is essential. 

A broken tooth is more likely to continue to break down until it is no longer restorable with a dental crown. 

An avulsed tooth is not necessarily a lost cause. Often, Dr Zhang can put it back in place and secure it until it restabilises in the bone.

If you break or lose a dental restoration, we may be able to postpone replacement treatment for a couple of days, but we still encourage patients to seek prompt treatment to avoid developing an infection or secondary decay.

If you are a Sydney resident, professional or an international student, we are here when you need us most. Dr Zhang is gentle and will provide solutions to help you feel like yourself again fast. We strive to treat dental emergencies on the same day.